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My First Tedx Talk!

Of a stage and a story that shall complement each other. Of a dreamer, mercilessly following her passion …

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Tell me.

Would you rather live a hated man or die a nobody? ☺ Thank you for reading. Never let …

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I know of closed doors to a heart and then a man, who never read the board sign. …

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Your oversized t-shirt girl.

I am your oversized t-shirt girl A dress looks pretty and so does curls Yet I’d tie my …

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2017 in three words.

To every night, let there be a New Year’s Eve. To every day, a New Year Day.

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Of Love And Our Romantic Best?

“If I were to remind you of my existence in your life, I’d risk starting from scratch.” .. …

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The best of both worlds.

“May I come in?” would have been the usual knock. However hesitation devoured her consciousness and something awfully …

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Adversaries of a different sort.

She sings out verses clear and loud. He intones music when nobody is around. Strumming the loops,she dreams …

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Thank You. 

I relate to your wounds and scars. I smile when you share the merrier part.

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Sweta Ojha
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