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Jar Of Happiness.

Is what you define your happy land Or A delusion you’ve created for men to understand? If happiness …

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Above all, Feelings sir, are testimonials on days meant to remind you that you’re stronger than you wish …

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At her dying best.

A millionaire on a sleeping pill A farmer hangs for due bills The lover cut her hand slit …

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Their eyes met mine.

Her eyes are darker than the stormiest night.  They tell a story of love and life Much different …

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All it takes. 

P.S. What do you think?   Thank you for reading.  Never let the words fall short! ☺

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To souls that dried before downpours And hearts that’ve braved nightmares Behind the brightest of smiles  You are …

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Only a man. 

Only a man Who knows I could be anyone Without his permission to let me be ‘Cause I …

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An Undue Start

I’ve trained my tears Rehearsed my laugh To break through fears Let go; what’s gone.

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Sweta Ojha
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