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Beauty of a child.

This beauty of a child, I met on the streets On his vocal best, with a fun rhythm! …

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My First Tedx Talk!

Of a stage and a story that shall complement each other. Of a dreamer, mercilessly following her passion …

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Jar Of Happiness.

Is what you define your happy land Or A delusion you’ve created for men to understand? If happiness …

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Lost faith. 

To people who believe none, I understand there’s not much good that has happened and you are afraid …

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I know of closed doors to a heart and then a man, who never read the board sign. …

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10K Reasons. Thank You. 

10k reasons to never give up on writing. 10k members to my extended family on Facebook. 

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Your oversized t-shirt girl.

I am your oversized t-shirt girl A dress looks pretty and so does curls Yet I’d tie my …

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Shout Out.

It has been quite some months of blogging and this is my 64th official post. I’m way behind …

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Reader’s Choice Award : Blogger Of The Year Nomination. 

Having thought of as a potential blogger of the year when I’m just a few months old here, …

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