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Watch "Until People Told Me Otherwise | Sweta Ojha | TEDxIIESTShibpur" on YouTube

‘I’m not a speaker but I was never a writer either. ‘ Although I’ve been away for quite …

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Lost faith. 

To people who believe none, I understand there’s not much good that has happened and you are afraid …

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I know of closed doors to a heart and then a man, who never read the board sign. …

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2017 in three words.

To every night, let there be a New Year’s Eve. To every day, a New Year Day.

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Every step you take counts.

Dreams be constant. When things start falling into place one by one , it’s because you’ve strived hard …

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The Versatile Blogger Award. (II) 

All that I’ve been working for is my individuality and the stand I take as a person. An …

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