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Back and better!

Hi Guys.   The last time I was here using the platform, it was a year back. The …

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Watch "Until People Told Me Otherwise | Sweta Ojha | TEDxIIESTShibpur" on YouTube

‘I’m not a speaker but I was never a writer either. ‘ Although I’ve been away for quite …

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My First Tedx Talk!

Of a stage and a story that shall complement each other. Of a dreamer, mercilessly following her passion …

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If religion schools you to war.

What if – Turban knew of white gowns? Kuran met the cross in town? Kashi mentioned Haj halts? …

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A guy in blue checks stuttered a speech No bullies laughed him off. An obsessed girl picked the …

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Didn’t you?

What about a childhood spent in figuring out the realms of a past one now identifies as a …

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A Year Journey!

As much as the story I live in and the moments that live in me are but just …

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Lost faith. 

To people who believe none, I understand there’s not much good that has happened and you are afraid …

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Only a man. 

Only a man Who knows I could be anyone Without his permission to let me be ‘Cause I …

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