Hi Guys.


The last time I was here using the platform, it was a year back.

The last time I was really active was about two years back.

A lot has changed for sure but writing hasn’t.

While I didn’t let my words fall short all this while, I still missed being active on certain platforms, including WordPress.

And I always know that I’ll keep on returning here because this is where I started.

Apart from writing my heart out, I have also given a few talks, Tedx included. The NGO is doing great too.

Also, I have changed my site’s URL from www.swetaojha.wordpress.com to www.swetaojha.com


So technically, I come with the comeback season’s greetings too.

Hello from my first post again!

How are you guys doing?



Thank you for reading.

Never let the words fall short! 🙂

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