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Today at Meet Your Greet, I coin a topic that is an inevitable truth reigning the society. While I personally believe Feminism is not just a word but the need of this hour, I notice the negatives and the positives struggling against each other on feminists. As far as I believe, there is a thin line between Feminists and Feminazis that should never be crossed. I believe the word is utterly misjudged by some and that ruins the real motive. To this, I must remind you that the best feminists I know of are men and I believe that settles my opinion. 

Nevertheless, this forum is open to your opinions and perspectives on the same. Let’s discuss and greet views. 

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So if you have read something that sparkled your eyes, moved your heart or seemed very important or penned down what you feel about feminism and feminists in general, it’s about time.

It’s about time you share a link to your article (poem, quote, letter, story) on the theme or link us to a similar article that you found here by a fellow blogger or to your favorite article anywhere on the internet. It’s wonderful to know of perspectives and how we as individuals can better ourselves and the society!

Along with which, do not forget to add your link for us to meet you at your space. 

Interested bloggers shall greet your wonderful read before they rush to your blog for a meet!

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Share your links. Share your favorites. Promote your write-ups. Promote your blogs. This is the space. Let’s Celebrate! 🙂

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  1. I have never written a poem on feminism. But a poem that I had read once. It indeed is a very good one Too furious, destructive and agitated you are
    going to land up in trouble one day
    where no one will save you they stated so far
    how lonely the life will be this way
    The anger you carry behind that mask
    boiling beneath the calm surface
    will only burn you if kept hidden in your cask
    without any outlet, oh you’ll become a haze
    I kept listening to them for a while
    carefully analyzed each word
    then greeted them with a smile
    which turned out to be a double edged sword.
    For they were more frightened now
    at a reaction so contrary to what they thought
    but the peace it gave they wondered how
    the anger subsided, a conflict inside they fought.
    I asked them did you ever notice my laughter?
    what does it make you think about me?
    or it never bothered you then to look after
    what will it result into, what I needed to be?
    And so you continued to press my emotions
    until the breaking point they reached
    not being afraid of me till I followed your notions
    that confinement, as a morality I had preached
    You were burning me
    while I kept finding the source
    where was that heat, I couldn’t see
    you kept it invisible, yeah that hidden force
    Now you make me afraid of the fire
    that I have given birth to
    tell me the consequences so dire
    oh it will burn not me but you
    The chains you have tied me by
    will melt from the rage beneath the calm
    and millions of me will come out of thy
    confinement so invisible but has caused us harm
    We will burn down into ashes
    only to rise above and reach the sky
    we will fill this atmosphere with flashes
    of our pride, victory and identity so high.
    And you will nowhere to be seen
    completely destroyed without a mark
    forgetting where have you been
    we will light this world with our own spark.

    1. This is phenomenal. I really need to thank you for sharing these verses with us here. Thank you very much for staying around. 🙂

      1. You’re welcome

  2. Reblogged this on Brainy Versatility.

    1. Thank you for sharing the forum. 🙂

  3. I wrote a blog some time back..It’s not exactly about feminism but yes does talk about bringing tenderness and love in relationships..

    1. Thank you for sharing. Welcome to Meet Your Greet. I hope you stay connected. 🙂

  4. This is a great idea and I will be sharing any content that I come across about this.

    1. Thank you for your interest and the appreciation. Welcome to Meet Your Greet. I hope you stay connected. 🙂

  5. Hi this is the post I just read https://anamikaablog.wordpress.com/2017/05/13/when-you-see-a-new-mom/…
    And this is my blog : https://darklove2016.wordpress.com
    I write whatever comes to my mind. I do not have a fixed genre…

    1. Well the blog you share is a nice friend and I am glad that her work is being appreciated so well. Thank you very much for sharing. 🙂 Also, I hope you stay connected to Meet Your Greet

      1. Definitely.. good evening….

  6. Hey Sweta, How are you doing…?
    Following are 2 posts that I wrote recently. They do bring out sad state of our society and mindset towards females. Hope the content is relevant for this wall

    1. Hello.
      I am doing good, thank you. How about you?
      Also, thank you for sharing your posts. Welcome to Meet Your Greet. I hope you stay connected. ☺

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