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Falling in love? Anybody?

He is heard speaking verses left unsaid, In his eyes, there’s heaven, she had not been to, yet. …

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Every step you take counts.

Dreams be constant. When things start falling into place one by one , it’s because you’ve strived hard …

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Love is never a matter of CHOICE.

If pretty eyes could create all magic , If a smile could demolish memories; tragic. She would have …

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Three coveted titles. 

It is absolutely overwhelming to be nominated by so many bloggers and for such different awards in the …

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Womanly enough?

To women who feel superior, I’m a woman and I don’t consider myself a better part of the …

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Spreading smile :)

“What’s the best thing we have come across as an organisation?” “It’s these priceless moments and happy faces.” …

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Sweta Ojha
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